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Requirements for private money loans

Get up to $2million in less than 15 days

  • $75,000-$2million loans
  • No land over 3 acres or new construction (must have foundation at minimum already built)
  • Lending can be up to 90% loan to finished value. (final terms vary by property)
  • Most minimum credit scores must be 650 or higher
  • Loans are generally given to the LLC and underwritten based on the property quality moreso than the buyer
  • One of the partners need some experience in property rehab, management or flipping
  • Loans can close in 10-15 days
  • Interest rates vary based upon property final loan to value, experience and risk.  
  • Loans for up to 12 months with ALL payments deferred to preserve your cash-flow (or you can obtain a lower rate while making monthly payments)
  • These are NON-owner-occupied loans

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